What is the Best Search Engine to Find Someone?

What is the Best Search Engine to Find Someone?

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When trying to find someone, a best and reliable search engine is essential. They can provide crucial details like criminal records or past addresses.

They can also assist in finding someone on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. These websites provide comprehensive details about people, such as their current addresses, emails and phone numbers.


Zabasearch is a search engine known for offering free people searches. Users can look up names, phone numbers and addresses with ease; in addition to more-detailed information like background checks available as a paid service.

In the past, people relied on physical phone books called white pages which contained listings of names and home addresses for those in a given area. These can be invaluable when searching for someone.

Today, however, there are many free search engines offering similar features. Unfortunately, some of them may give inaccurate information or even show your personal data to others without your consent – making it essential to select the correct one for you.

Zabasearch is the best option. This site searches through public records and connects them with user details, creating a comprehensive person profile for you.

Additionally, it offers some helpful filters to help narrow down your search results. You can use these to define a city and specific age range, as well as perform a reverse phone number search.

To begin a search on Zabasearch’s home page, enter the name of the person you’re seeking into the designated box on top. From there, you can select whether to limit your search to a particular U.S. state or all 50 states.

Once you’ve narrowed down your results, click any name to view more about the individual. In many cases, this will take you to their Intelius profile where you can read their full profile and conduct further searches.

Zabasearch results allow you to click on any email address or phone number to learn more about that individual. This can be especially helpful if you don’t recognize who is calling you.

Another option is to check the list of people who have searched for your name on the site. This will tell you if anyone has attempted to contact you, which can be very beneficial when trying to locate a lost loved one.


Intelius is one of the longest running people search websites online, helping millions of users gather details about others. It connects to various public records databases and generates reports with detailed profiles including contact info, criminal backgrounds, work experience and educational background.

The service can be useful for a number of purposes, such as learning more about neighbors or coworkers, verifying the identity of someone who may be calling you, and reviewing real estate data on potential home purchases. Furthermore, it helps verify whether someone is an authentic employee, tenant, or business partner.

Easy-to-use and offering a range of services tailored for different needs. You can quickly search someone’s email address and phone numbers, as well as monitor their social media activity. Furthermore, you can obtain background checks on people’s legal history, marriages or property ownership.

Since 2003, Intelius has earned a reputation for accuracy and dependability. Its customer support team is available Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM PT with support tickets or emails available as well. To contact the company, submit a support ticket or visit its website to learn more.

Intelius stands out from other people search sites we have reviewed with its fast pass feature and ability to save your search data for later use. These features help set it apart from its rivals.

Intelius stands out among other data management solutions due to its pricing structure. It offers various subscription levels, each with its own tiers and prices. The Premier and Premier Plus packages provide comprehensive reporting while Reverse Phone Lookup and Address Lookup provide more targeted insights.

Intelius offers monthly subscriptions ranging in price from $20 to $35 per month, or you can take advantage of their 7-day trial to test out the service before committing.

The great thing about the service is its variety of searches and reports, from a basic background check to an in-depth report on a prospective employer or tenant. It provides convenient and cost-effective access to vital details about potential associates.


Are you searching for an old friend or trying to identify someone who may be scamming you? Spokeo can assist. This search engine utilizes advanced technologies to sift through billions of public records in order to provide you with the details that matter.

Spokeo’s reports are user-friendly, featuring photos, social media accounts, work history, family members and location data. Plus it provides other helpful tools like an email search and phone number lookup.

People often use this service to locate missing loved ones, but it can also be utilized as a safeguard against identity theft and cyberbullying. With the ability to run a self-scan, one can clean up any negative or embarrassing posts that might be floating around online.

Spokeo takes your privacy seriously and does not sell or share your personal data with third parties. Furthermore, you have the option to request that Spokeo remove any information in your report that you do not wish to be included.

Another way to protect yourself is by deleting outdated Facebook, Instagram or other social media profiles that may be outdated or reveal too much about your private life. These platforms enable others to view past interactions with you online which may be difficult if you feel shy or embarrassed about your online history.

You can check a person’s criminal record to see if they’ve been convicted of any crimes. Doing this helps determine whether they pose a risk or danger.

This search engine can also be useful for recognizing unknown callers. It enables users to look up a ten-digit phone number and obtain its owner, address, and other pertinent details. Businesses who need to know who’s calling them as well as individuals who receive frequent suspicious or prank calls will find this tool beneficial.

Additionally, you can utilize a reverse phone number search to identify who is calling from the other end of the line. Doing so can guard against prank callers or malicious businesses from trying to obtain your personal information.


Pipl is an ideal search engine to locate someone. It boasts an expansive database and it’s free to use. Pipl can help you locate people with similar last names or even trace down old friends or family members.

One of the great benefits of this search engine is that it allows users to look up information on people from around the globe. With over 3 billion profiles in its database, it’s simple to locate any individual you need.

Pipl offers more than the basic search engine features, offering additional services that can assist in finding someone. These include identity verification, background checks and fraud prevention. Companies will appreciate this option since it helps prevent hiring someone who may be concealing something from them.

Pipl mines the deep web – an expansive repository of data that regular search engines cannot access. This gives it access to a comprehensive profile on any person, complete with social media accounts, email addresses and other personal details.

Additionally, search engines allow you to discover more about a person’s education and work history. This is particularly useful for companies searching for employees as it helps them avoid hiring someone who may conceal any crucial data from them.

Pipl allows you to access a person’s phone number, email address and home or business address. It’s an invaluable tool for tracking down anyone who owes you money.

It’s essential to remember that software for businesses can be costly. Therefore, do your research thoroughly before buying anything – this way you’ll guarantee you get the ideal application for your company’s requirements.

Pipl provides an in-depth analysis of each application’s features and pricing to make selecting the ideal one easier. Plus, its team of dedicated specialists are ready to assist you in determining which app best fits your business requirements.

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