Learning Management System

Create impressive online courses without restrictions with our best learning management system
  • Drag & Drop Course Builder

    The industry’s best course builder makes course creation a snap.

  • Advanced Quizzing

    Eight question types, custom messages, question banks, and more!

  • Dynamic Content Delivery

    Drip-feed lessons, require videos to be viewed, linear and open progression, etc.

  • Flexible Prerequisites

    Set access to courses, lessons, and quizzes based on a set of prerequisites.

Online Learning Management System LMS Developer in Pakistan

Engage your learners using the best learning management system

Professional HANDS ON TRAINING from Arizona State University USA

We are able to deliver the features you want to make your course as engaging as possible. Majority of LMS have similar features but we will offer is the Best of all. It is imperative to select an LMS that will work well with all types institutions as well as for personal teaching. Our LMS system will allow your employees to take courses at their convenience without ever being out of the office. The most effective LMSs are cloud-based, meaning that you can upload as much content as you want and access it anywhere.

We provide a live demonstration of Learning Management System product, so you can see how the features work in practice. You should also be able to see if the features are appropriate for your company's needs. Our good approach to product demonstrations is by creating a list of use cases or scenarios and let you perform a live demonstration. Try out each feature to make sure it works for your specific needs.

We also offer gamification capabilities, which will make your courses more fun for employees. Our Learning Management System will also help you track employee-learning progress by providing feedback. With our tool, you will be able to see exactly how well your employees are performing. If you are looking for a LMS developer who can offer a wide range of different features then contact us. Our LMS developers are ready to help you.

LMS Developers in Pakistan
  • Automated Notifications

    Automatically trigger e-mails based on actions learners take (or don’t take) in a course.

  • Badges & Certificates

    Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both!

  • Discussion Forums

    Encourage conversation among learners by adding a course specific discussion forums.

  • Course Points

    Award points to learners as they complete lessons and allow learners to unlock new content.

  • Leaderboards

    Award and display the learners who obtain the best scores on quizzes in your courses.

  • Assignments

    Require assignment submissions before learners can continue to the next lessons.

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online classes web based system in Pakistan

Manage your courses and learners with flexibility and ease.

  • Group Management

    Place users into groups and sub-groups, then allow others to manage.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Quickly run reports on enrollment, progress, and performance.

  • Assignment Management

    Approve, comment, and award points on submitted assignments.

  • Gradebook

    Syncs with LearnDash quiz & assignments, and manual grading.

Learning Management System

Professional Training from Arizona State University, USA

Developing an online learning management system is a complex job. Got professional training from one of the largest University of USA (Arizona State University) for development of an enterprise grade online Learning Management System starting from a small school scaled upto a large academic institution.

E-Learning Challenges for Instructional Designers

Thinking ahead can make the biggest problemsless daunting

If you want to create a successful online course, think strategically about handling the biggest hurdles.

It isn’t possible to predict everything your learners may need with your course, which is why beta testing and frequent interaction are so important. But knowing what to expect can keep you on the right path when challenges inevitably arise.

Think about the specific needs and concerns of your learners, and be proactive in addressing them. The more you think about your course from the perspective of your students, the stronger your instructional design will be.