How to connect and configure HPE MSA 1040 NAS SAN

I am writing this blog because I didn't found easy answer to this simple query on entire web search. I found the solution after using my own skills.

The HPE MSA 1040 or 2040 is pre configured with IP address on Controller A (Ethernet Port upper one). You can access it using web browser using and accept the default certificate. Please keep it in mind that you must assign same subnet IP to your desktop computer or laptop like or any other IP Address of same pool.


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Configuring Mikrotik Router as client VPN for routing all internal traffic to external VPN Server for specific websites


You have a VPN Server installed outside of your Mikrotik Local Area Network. The VPN Server can be in your premises or outside premises. You have a username and password for connecting to that external VPN Server thorugh your laptop or desktop. To avoid providing username and password to all local area network users you want to create VPN client in Mikrotik router through a username and password that you use to connect on your computer to route all Mikrotik LAN Users to connect to specific website using that particular VPN connection. Here are the configuration steps:


Joomla jsitemap pro error Error loading stylesheet: Parsing an XSLT stylesheet failed.

Most of the users experience this error Error loading stylesheet: Parsing an XSLT stylesheet failed with jsitemap pro extension formatted sitemap view when using it along admintools extension. The problem comes from a security settings in .htaccess file. If you created .htaccess using admintools extension then simply follow the following step and solve this issue. Here is the solution.


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