SeaFile Email configurations for Windows Server

Here is the work around how you can configure your seafile server installed in Microsoft Windows Operating System.

The configuration file in windows depends on where you installed your seafile program. I have installed seafile in Windows 10 in my C:\ drive. So my default location for seafile configration file is:


You can right click on the file and will see an option of “Edit with IDLE”. If you don’t see then open it with notepad.

Please add the following lines to to enable email sending.

SECRET_KEY = 'you will see some sort of code here. so leave it untouched'
EMAIL_HOST = ' or whatever is the address of your smtp server'
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = 'email password'
DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = ' same email as above or you can use any other email here'
SERVER_EMAIL = ' same email from above two or you can use any other email here'

Restart your seafile server

Don’t forget to put apostrophe ‘ ‘ signs in start and end of line as mentioned in above configuration