Online Distance Learning Education System Pakistan

Due to the recent epidemic issue of Corona virus disease and closure of all academic institutions in Pakistan has badly affected the education sector in the country. Pakistan a third world country cannot afford closure of academic institutions for such an indefinite time. If the issue prevails many students will loss the opportunity to continue their education at schools, colleges, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We being Pakistani should dealt with this situation with help of Allah and by taking serious preventive measures suggested by area experts.

I recently visited Arizona State University ( in United States of America in September 2019 for a professional training on developing online education system for University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. There was no corona virus at that time but starting online classes was considered as need of time to excel in this global academia competition.  

As pilot project I developed two classrooms at Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar with state of the art equipment for online lecture delivery system. A sample recorded video can be viewed at this YouTube link

I am writing this blog to offer my services to owner/head of schools, colleges, universities in Pakistan if they want to develop an online lecture delivery (virtual classroom system).

Solution / Requirements for low cost online education system for Schools, Colleges and Universities

1- Hardware Requirement

a) A standard Desktop Computer with touch screen monitor and stylus with Uninterrupted power Supply (UPS)

b) Fixed USB Camera for recording teacher’s video (No need if video recording of teacher is not required)

2- Software Requirement

a) Monthly license of Host Software for Virtual classroom teachers preferably Zoom

b) Free Zoom student/client license for watching and attending online lecture with live interaction through questions and answers.

c) Learning Management System (LMS) application website for managing courses, lessons, materials, lesson videos, assignments, quizzes and other related tasks.

If you are interested in developing online education system for your school. college or university please contact us for detail discussion.

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