Expert Professional Information Technology (IT) Services Pakistan

Looking for an experienced and Professional Information Technology person aware of Government procedures and policies regarding public tendering and bidding processes. Well versed with contract management techniques. To manage the contracts with the implementing IT firms. This will involve establishing commitments with the contractor, and tracking and reviewing the contractor’s performance and results. This exercise will cover the management of software-related contracts, as well as the management of the total project that includes hardware, Networking, Licensed software and possibly other system components. To interact with implementers/contractors as well as end-users for smooth execution of IT-related projects and to get input from other IT Professionals about the ongoing projects and incorporate the same.

  1. Development of IT Policy as per organization requirement.
  2. IT Project Management
  3. ERP Software processes including need analysis and procurement.
  4. Networks and Servers Design and Development
  5. Optimized Internet services to users with Firewall
  6. Data backup and archiving system
  7. Video Conferencing and live video hosting Solutions for seminars/workshops
  8. Classroom interactive Lecture Capture solution
  9. Dynamic Database driven Website Design and Development
  10. Security Surveillance CCTV System Deployment
  11. Procurement of Right Hardware for Right Job
  12. Development of Application Servers and facilitating system support team for effective and efficient management of systems.
  13. Responsible for providing system support, management of Email server, antivirus server, domain controller and file server. Monitoring and supervision of problem tracking software / help desk management software. Resource allocation with respect to work load. Planning of software upgrades and preventive maintenance.
  14. VoIP services and technologies administration. Administration of Email, DNS, DHCP and other monitoring services.
  15. Scheduling of upgrades, backups and inventory management of hardware and software systems. Daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups.
  16. Operating System patches and upgrades on a regular basis, and up-gradation of administrative tools and utilities.
  17. Prepares systems development schedules and other project artifacts on the advice of the Senior management and with input from relevant stakeholders.
  18. Collects, compiles, analyzes and reports systems and process data to facilitate the Management in making informed decisions

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